Rajesh Jangid's Tourist  Pension

Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

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From Delhi -

  • Buses run all day and night from the Sari Kalikha Bus Terminal (7-8 hours).
  • Five buses a day run directly, Delhi-Nawalgarh (8 hours).
  • Buses run hourly to Jhunjhunu (region capital), where you can change to a local bus to Nawalgarh (buses run every 15 mins and take 1 hour).

From Jaipur - Half-hourly buses run direct from Jaipur to Nawalgarh (3 hours). There are also 3 trains daily from Jaipur.

From Bikaner - Hourly buses, day and night, run from Bikaner to nearby Sikar (5 hours); from Sikar buses run every 15 minutes to Nawalgarh (45 minutes).

From Jodhpur - We advise you to take government transport buses for your reliability and safety.

Train Details -


S.No Train No. Arrival Departure From To Day
1 59727 03:41 03:43 Rewari Sikar Daily
2 59727 06:33 06:35 Sikar Rewari Daily
3 14811 14:46 14:48 Sikar Delhi Sarai Rohilla Wed, Fri
4 14812 12:22 12:24 Delhi Sarai Rohilla Sikar Wed, Fri
5 59730 18:10 18:12 Rewari Sikar Daily
6 59729 20:33 20:35 Sikar Rewari Daily

How to reach Tourist Pension once in Nawalgarh 

If you come by bus or by train without too much luggage, you can walk: approximately 2 km from the train station and 1km from the bus stand. Otherwise, you can easily find an auto rickshaw .

On request, we can even come and pick you up  (Chargeable service). Contact on 01594-224060.

If you have to ask for your way, the locals might know this place better under the name of "Tourist Pension" near the Maur Hospital.

Map of region:-