Rajesh Jangid's Tourist  Pension

Nawalgarh, Rajasthan

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Advice for Tourists

Clothing: Both men and women should dress so that most of their body is covered. Do not wear sleeveless T-shirts, shorts, transparent, tight or revealing clothes.

Behavior: Behave modestly at all times. Contact between members of the opposite sex is not common in India, so please avoid kissing, cuddling, hugging and holding hands with your partner. Be respectful within the guest house.

Water: Water is scarce in Rajasthan, so please do not waste it! We offer laundry services, so there is no need to wash clothes in your room.

Waste: Waste disposal is a problem in India. Do not spoil our beautiful landscape by dropping litter or disposing carelessly of waste. Our guesthouse has recycling facilities for organic waste, paper and plastics. We ask you to make use of these. When touring the area, please dispose of waste responsibly and decline, where possible, plastic carrier bags / bottles.

Begging: We wish to preserve the integrity of the local population. Unfortunately, some children have ‘learned’ that it is acceptable to ask tourists for pens, money, sweets, chocolate etc. We ask you not to encourage such behavior by granting their requests. In some tourist areas, children are being kept out of school, so that they can go begging on the streets. We do not wish this custom to spread to Shekhawati. If you wish to help the local population, you will have greater impact through giving money to a specific organization or to a development project. Your guesthouse owner can help you if you wish to do this.

Photographs: Do not take photographs without first asking permission. Check before taking photographs in havelis or temples. Some people may get offended. You should not, however, give money for a photograph.